Huckleberry's Hammers

Huckleberry's Hammers is a multi-tool that combines a hammer, chisel, and a fifth wheel puller into one compact tool that can easily fit into a backpack or saddle bags.

About Huckleberry's Hammers

In many years of trucking, driver Mike Wade found himself using a variety of tools to make the job go smoother.

Believing there was a better way, he combined three common tools - hammer, chisel, and retractable hook - into one unit and the Huckleberry's Hammer was born!

Huckleberry's Hammers are now in hundreds of trucks nationwide, and are available for sale directly to you. Contact Huckleberry's Hammers today!

Can be used to:
  • Thump Tires
  • Knock pintle hitches open
  • Open iced or tight trailer door handles
  • Open Iced or tight padlocks
  • Loosen frozen or stuck brake drums
  • Hit pins on trailer tandems
  • Put under dolly tires to keep from rolling
  • Tighten flanges on glad hands
  • Knock burrs off trailer sides and truck parts
  • Open camlocks on tanker Fittings
  • Chip ice off truck parts
  • Open flanges on glad hands
  • Remove glad hands
  • Put in landing gear handle to crank
    (Keep your gloves dry)
  • Open safety latches on pintle hitches
  • Cut plastic from back of trailer
  • Pop lights out of rubber grommets
  • Knock ice off winches
  • Hook retracts in to make hammer about 16 inches long and extends out to make hammer about 28 inches long
  • Pull 5th wheels
  • Pull pin for sliding tandems
  • pull cables for air tanks
  • Pull chains for chaining tires
  • Pull cables on tow trucks
  • Pull tarps and straps on flatbeds
  • Drag pallets
  • Carry plywood